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Why Your Kids Need Online Art Classes Now!

Are you ready to go back to “normal yet? Being in quarantine without an end in sight is hard on everyone. How’s your cabin fever? Luckily, the weather has been nice during the summer. But as we move towards fall with school not exactly back to normal yet, how do you make sure your child’s online education is giving them all they need?

I’m sure your kid’s school has all their STEM classes lined up. They will get the literacy and math practice they need. But what will help them think outside the box? What will pique their interest and open their eyes to new and exciting fun challenges? As we move toward the school year in the midst of an ongoing pandemic that doesn’t seem to have an end, your kids will definitely benefit from having a creative outlet.

Learning to Be Creative Is Good For You

Art has been helping people relax and find peace for centuries! There’s no reason it can’t help us get through this time of COVID. There’s a lot of art classes available. There are willing and able art teachers all over the world teaching online. All you need to learn how to draw is paper, a pencil, and the internet! It’s that easy. Free up a bit of your time by keeping your kids busy with a little art education!

Taking an online art class is not like school. There’s no grade. And you don’t need to show anyone your artwork--unless you want to. There are many benefits to taking an online art class. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Expanding your imagination

  • Relaxing and peaceful

  • Working on fine motor skills

  • Allowing you to be social from the comfort of your own home

  • Teaching you to have a new perspective

  • Building fine and gross motor skills in your hands

  • Teaching focus and perseverance

  • Expressing your emotions in a positive way

The Benefits of Art Classes for Kids

Making art is great for children. The skills they will learn from making art will follow them through life. Creativity is so good for you! Pablo Picasso said, “ Every child is an artist. [5] The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” [1, 6] Nurturing your child’s creative spirit is one of the best things you can do for them!

Let your kids express themselves. They will thank you later! Giving your kids the gift of online art classes will help them for years to come.

Learning to paint, draw, or sculpt helps children develop their motor skills. They build hand muscles when pushing a pencil or paintbrush. It teaches them to focus. They learn to work at something until it’s done. Making art helps them deal with feeling frustrated or angry. It has a way of calming a person down if they're upset. [1]

With so many online class options these days, it’s hard to find an excuse to not take an art class. There are some free options. Or discounted classes. Here’s a link to some great online art classes, including a craft project to make Dad for Father’s Day. And you can start with a 20% discount!

Stressful Times Call For Peaceful Experiences

One great thing to taking an online art class is the peacefulness creativity brings you. Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory posted on Instagram: “They’re doing live classes via zoom and, quite to my delight, I was not only able to figure out how to use zoom, but I also painted this in the process!” he wrote. “No museums are asking to display my first still life painting, but I feel just a little bit more peaceful from the process … and I got to see real-life other people who were also taking the class – a real gift right now!” [2]

In the age of anxiety from a worldwide pandemic, a little peace is what we all need right now! If you ever sat down to draw something, you know about this peaceful feeling it brings you. This makes online art classes worth it! Like Jim Parsons, you too can find a little more peace through being creative.

You may also be feeling alone during this time. If you live alone, being part of an online art class can break up the loneliness! Online art classes offer one-on-one with a mentor, or in small groups as well. You can see other people making art with you. It makes you feel part of a community.

You can find an online art class that fits your schedule. There are many to choose from. Having a teacher makes learning to draw or paint easier. [3]

Creativity allows your mind space to breathe. Making something helps your mind calm down and let go of some anxiety. Creating art also helps you make choices. Learning how to make choices as a child is a great skill that follows you into adulthood. Your art doesn't need to be good enough for a museum to give you great life-long benefits! [1]

Learning Online Is Easy!

You can take online art classes over Zoom and similar meeting platforms. This gives you and your children a chance to be with others. You can see all the other art class participants. And you don’t need to risk getting COVID. You don’t need to get in a car. No need to pay for parking. No need to take a bus. No need to take time off from work or limit your class time to weekends. Learning to draw or paint or sculpt online gives you the flexibility. You can take a class from anywhere in the world. You’re not limited to only taking art classes near you.

You also have the option of taking a class from a world-renown artist. Mo Willams offered a lunchtime doodle session for kids until the end of May. They could tune in and make sketches with this well-known author of children’s books. It was less teaching and more for fun. [4] You may need a break from your kids. Even for an hour or so. Finding them an engaging online art class is what you need!

COVID is hard on everyone. The longer we need to isolate the harder it is on your children as they develop and try to learn to socialize with their peers. Not being able to go to school, or having smaller in-person class sizes, might sound like fun. But chances are, your child isn’t enjoying it so much anymore. They had to miss out on too many fun things this summer. Help them have a good fall semester in spite of the pandemic. These amazing art classes can help your children engage in their creativity. It will give you peace of mind and help them in so many ways!








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