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Why Should You Learn How to Dance?

In a post-pandemic world, many of us have learned to take our work and lives and keep them at home. Safe from contamination. Safe from contracting a killer virus. But what has this done to our minds? What kind of sedentary lifestyles are we now living in? We have confined everything we do to the same place we sleep, eat home-cooked food, and watch Netflix. Lack of movement is the fourth leading risk factor of premature death the world over. [6] A life lived sitting down most of the time will bring you to an early grave.

How is this good for our health? What do you do when you come home? Sit on the couch and turn on the TV. Search through the fridge or cupboards for something yummy to chew on. Take a nap. These leisure activities are perfect for an unhealthy, lazy lifestyle. We are afraid to go out where there are a lot of people. You might have a gym membership, but you’re even less likely to go to the gym these days. It’s too easy to catch a virus. Yet living a sedentary lifestyle is not any better. What can you do about it?

Learn Easy Dance Moves

Dancing has so many great benefits for your health! Think about it. You’re up on your feet. You’re moving around. Your heart is beating faster, pumping more blood, your lungs are expanding. Your endorphins are pulsing. You feel good! Even easy dance moves have great health benefits. You don’t have to become a pro to enjoy all the pleasant results of dancing! Even children can enjoy the benefits of dancing! It's great for developing social skills, strong minds, and bodies. [2]

Dancing gives you a great cardiovascular workout. But you’re also doing amazing things for your mind. Exercise is helpful in taking the blues away. If you’ve been in a depression or a mental slump, try going for a jog. But the research shows that dance is even better than a jog! [3] You’re listening to and copying the moves of an instructor in a dance class. By doing this, you’re forced to think while you’re moving. You may not be very coordinated. It's a challenge to follow the moves of a dance teacher. Even for a skilled dancer, learning new moves from someone is a challenge and you can’t tune out while you’re learning. [6]

The Mental Health Benefits of Dance

Studies show that dancing also improves your mood. With the feeling of impending doom during this pandemic, you may have some kind of anxiety. Dancing helps you overcome these feelings. It pulls you out of feeling helpless and empowers you by making you feel strong and alive. It’s some of the best medicine around! If you suffer from trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, dancing is the best form of therapy. There is a strong bond between the mind and the body. They influence each other for good and for bad. Dancing does good things for both mind and body. [1]

Studies show that dancing also increases how well your brain works. Even elderly people can increase brain activity by dancing. [3] Learning to dance makes you move, but it also makes you follow instructions at the same time. You’re mimicking an instructor. This makes you focus on your movements and think through them. It also boosts self-confidence. See for yourself! Give a dance class a try and notice how powerful you feel when it's over. Physical activity mixed with creative self-expression is good for you! It develops self-confidence. Your brain must think more as you memorize the dance steps you learn. This helps your memory work better. [6]

Learn To Dance At Home

If you don’t know how to dance, it’s easy enough to learn. Easy dance moves are simple enough for anyone. And when you’re learning to dance in the comfort of your living room, you don’t need to worry about what anyone thinks. You can dance like no one’s watching because no one is watching! Even if you’re taking an online Zoom class, you have the option to turn your camera off!

Dancing is great for all ages! Get your kids away from playing Fortnite and get them up and moving. You can even get grandma involved, easy dance moves aren’t too hard for her. And at home, she doesn’t even need to worry about how she looks while dancing! Dancing is great for your brain activity as well. [3] It expands your ability to think better. As you open up your body to move more, you open your mind as well. So, get up off your couch and start moving!

There are many different kinds of dance classes online. So many choices can be overwhelming. Choose a dance class that is great for your health. A dance class that makes your heart beat faster and has easy dance moves. Many types of dance classes will bring you the benefits listed above. Hip Hop Dance may be one of the best as far as easy dance moves go.

What is Hip Hop Dance?

Hip Hop is not only a dance. It’s also a culture and a movement. Hip hop started in the 1970s in the Bronx of New York City. Hip Hop was born out of break-dancing, popping, and locking. When learning hip hop dance, you learn about rhythm. You learn how to use gestures and isolations. You learn self-expression. You learn about the social issues and personal stories of those communities. [5] It started as a street dance and was first very popular among African Americans and Latinos. [4]

Hip hop music and street jazz gave birth to hip hop dance. Beat-boxing (drum-like sounds made with the mouth) and rap music influenced the dance of hip hop. Competition and dance battles made hip hop dance more known. You may have heard of the Humpty Dance, one of the early forms of hip hop dance. It was also a very competitive dance on the streets. [4]

If you watch hip hop dance you can see how expressive it is. Dance is a form of communication. It’s a great form of self-expression. Hip hop dance classes for beginners is a great way to get started. You can advance to harder moves once you learn the basic ones. It's not hard to find an online teacher and get started! And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

How To Learn How To Dance Hip Hop

Learning how to dance hip hop at home is easy, even for a beginner. There are lots of easy dance moves. There are many online dance classes for beginners. How to learn how to dance hip hop is easy to do from the comfort of your living room. You can learn to dance at home to build confidence and decrease anxiety. There’s no need to put yourself at risk to get a virus. A space of about 10 by 6 feet is enough room to dance Hip Hop, so even a small living room is big enough. [3]

You can start today! Why put it off till tomorrow when learning to dance at home is so easy to do! There are many teachers and online platforms offering lessons. Choose a class right here on this website and get started! You have nothing to lose but the lazy lethargic lifestyle this pandemic has pushed us into. Time to get up and move those feet!








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