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How Art Affects the Development of Intelligence

To my surprise, I heard an interesting story last week, during my art class, about a prestige family who puts an emphasis on getting higher education and who didn't think that letting their child study art is something that they should do, since they believe it has nothing to do with intelligence, and that the child should focus on other subjects in academics instead.

Unfortunately for them, and their child, this article proves otherwise:

(Photo credit: Veronika Babutus)

How Art Affects the Development of Intelligence

Any child deserves all rights to get an art education. In fact, art helps to form the development of the whole child’s development. It doesn’t only prepare it for the life but fills with joy and happiness. Art is valued much for its ability to improve cognitive skills and intelligence. Gifted and intelligent children have been always much valued. But who is a talented and intelligent child? It’s really difficult to identify this.

Importance of Art Education

Due to music and various images, it becomes easier to make kids become more interested in the studying process. No one would ever try doing something if he is not interested in it. And art works perfectly in such a case.

According to the observations, it’s known that children become very happy when hearing the sound of music they play with their own hands. The most important is to be occupied in art each day. If you start playing the piano, you would do a progress, when doing it day by day. The same with painting. A continuous occupation with art leads to the development of confidence and self-assurance. Once your child starts being engaged in painting or playing music and does it daily, he would gradually become more confident about this world.

Why are Habits so Important?

Habits are equal to success. No matter what you do, the result would always depend on your habits. There are many children, who achieve aims by their own efforts, others believe in luck and some do it day by day, developing habits. In fact, the last are one of the most successful, because if you once formed a habit, changing it becomes a real challenge further.

Art is one of the best ways to make children more creative. Creativity is one of the key moments of developing a child’s intelligy important for parents to understand how art is significant in the life of their children.

Why is Art So Important?

Art offers a lot of intrinsic and extrinsic benefits to the development of any child.

Intrinsic benefits include:

  • Creativity;

  • Imagination;

  • A chance to experience beauty and joy.

​Extrinsic benefits are the following:

  • Better engagement in the process of learning;

  • Better metacognition;

  • Enhanced self-confidence;

What is Intelligence?

In fact, intelligence is not a big volume of facts and other knowledge, accumulated in your brain. It’s your ability to learn new information, be able to retain process and use it in practice.

How Music Affects a Child’s Brain?

All of us know about Mozart effect. Don’t you know? It’s a notion, which describes the process of listening to Mozart music, at the same time increasing your intelligence.

According to a number of experiments, it was found out that many people got a lot of visual-spatial skills improvements when listening to this kind of music. However, it’s not yet clear whether the passive listening may contribute to the development of intelligence. But what about becoming active in this kind of occupation? The researchers say that being engaged in music is able to change the course of the whole brain. There is evidence that certain music play can easily improve working memory, self-regulation, and even self-confidence.

In fact, everyone can stimulate his brain, because art is accessible to all of us. If you lack self-esteem, arts will certainly help you developing it. Moreover, it will increase the levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter, which is responsible for good mood and motivation. It would also contribute to better concentration, drive and focus. Due to art lesson benefits in childhood, one can further benefit from them in adulthood.

Art benefits include:

  • Increased brain plasticity;

  • Better fluid intelligence;

  • Higher IQ;

  • Better attention span;

  • Improves overall behavior;

  • Reduces impulsiveness.

According to one study at Stanford University, students, engaged in art, had the following characteristics, in comparison with those, who weren’t:

  • They won more academic awards;

  • Received more community service awards;

  • Got higher SAR results.

Art – Brain Food?

In fact, art is a brain food. For example, if you start playing the piano, it will help developing your coordination, reaction, social participation. Telling the truth, it’s not obligatory to be professional in some kind of art to get cognitive benefits from it. If you even have the slightest exposure to art, it will certainly make you smart. Due to it, we start thinking critically, which simultaneously increases our intelligence. It’s not enough to take a brush into one’s hands- before creating a painting you should give yourself a thousand of questions. Of course, it requires time and efforts, but the result is worth that.


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