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Ever felt stuck in life? The meaning behind the painting.

‘Birth of Music’

The Meaning behind the Painting.

Birth of Music’ is an original oil painting on 18”x24” canvas that represents hope, desire, goals, and much more. It aims to be a constant reminder of the trials and tribulations we go through in our journey through life.

Right in the middle, between two golden circles, rests a shiny sun-like pearl. That pearl is YOU! It represents the stage of life where you know you are destined for something bigger! You are great at some things and perhaps you wish you could be doing that for a living, but are too scared or unsure to proceed. You live in your comfort zone which includes your home, steady job (that may not bring you satisfaction but provides enough to cover all the bills), close friends, or maybe a relationship where you feel safe and secure but where you can’t reach your full potential because of your partner’s disapproval. So you just sit there and hibernate, surrounded by double gold circles for extra protection and security. Those circles represent a cycle, the same one that goes in circles when you feel stuck in life. It may also represent a calendar cycle, which always comes back to January and starts a new year. Or even two wedding rings, which represent marriage and how it affects your life and your personal goals.

The endless piano is your goal. Once you decide what you want to do with your life, you have to do it. You must jump through fire, iron tubes, and hoops to get where you want to be. Like piano keys, life greets us with black and white stripes, where white dominates and helps you overcome the bad moments of your life and move forward with the hope for the best to come. Your idea, your goal is limitless. Once you follow that route that was designed by the universe specifically for you, the opportunities can be endless.

Don’t be held down by the heavy weight in your life, which in this painting is being represented by two green towers with music rests. One rest is surrounded by double hoops, suggesting a weight that holds you down, then follows you in that life cycle. In order to break free of that weight, you need to follow your path.

The red storm clouds represent chaos, worry, and even aggression, but also PASSION. As a human being, you are guilty of wanting things for yourself, whether they are materialistic, emotional or spiritual yearnings. However, those same desires are what keep you motivated—they give you your goals. Without them, there would be no movement, no passion, and no progression.

As the color of the sky changes to pinkish-peach color, you realize how important love is in your life. How that love nourishes you (the sun-like pearl), and how it protects you. Just like Yin and Yang, the pyramids help you keep your balance and provide extra support. Those can be your friends, family, or significant other, who give you that love and support which you need in order to grow.

As the sky turns to purple, it is your moment of rest and satisfaction. Purple and pink have a calming effect on people, the same effect when you know you finally got what you always wanted and now you can relax for a bit, until you come up with the next goal and energy to achieve it.

You will go through many different stages of life, which is represented by floating pinkish-purple platforms with notes on top. The notes are you. Once you are ready to reach your next stage, you peel yourself off those comfort-providing “bases” and fly higher to complete another cycle before continuing your journey.

Someone once said that life is just like a chess game, where we are the chess pieces. I became fascinated with that phrase as well as the checker pattern that I like to use in my work consistently. Just like chess, each figure has their own path, their own moves. If you calculate your moves to reach the end of the board, you become a powerful figure, and maybe even declare checkmate as the winner.

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