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7 reasons you should take an art class

Many of you wonder why people take art classes or lessons even though they are not really good at it and/or never had any experience. This article, posted by Paige Sheffield, will give and explain 7 reasons you should take an art class.

"I’m not an art major. I’m not great at drawing or painting. But I really enjoy the art class I’m taking. If you have some room in your schedule to take classes that aren’t required for your major, or art classes count towards one of your degree requirements, check out these reasons why you should consider taking an art class.

1. Art classes make you think differently

Chances are, an art class would be much different from your other courses. My art class challenges me to think in new ways and see things differently. You spent a lot of time creating and observing other people’s creations. This type of thoughtfulness can be applied to anything.

2. You don’t have to be good at drawing to find an art class you can excel at

When we hear art, we often think of drawing or painting. People who aren’t good at those things tend to be turned off by art courses. However, there are so many different types of art classes, such as pottery, printmaking, photography and graphic design.

3. It will make your schedule less monotonous

Sometimes, all your classes feel too similar. An art class wouldn’t. In your other classes, you have reading and writing assignments. In your art class, you might sometimes have these as well, but most of your projects allow you to simply create things. If you’re tired of studying for your biology exam, you can take a break by working on your design and you’re still being productive.

4. Creativity is a beneficial skill in any field

I’ve heard some science and math majors suggest that they don’t need art and humanities courses. Maybe they don’t need them, but the courses definitely don’t hurt! People in any field benefit from thinking creatively.

5. You can share your thoughts and ideas

Sure, you have discussions in your other courses. But in art classes, you’re able to talk about your thoughts, your creative process and your ideas. Though some ways to create a project might be better than others, there isn’t really a right or wrong response to prompts given in class. You can express yourself without worrying that it’s “wrong.”

6. Art classes push you out of your comfort zone

In many art classes, you have to do critiques. You give and get feedback on a regular basis. This can be uncomfortable and intimidating, but ultimately, it pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you. From taking an art class, I’ve finally realized that it’s OK to ask for feedback or help; it doesn’t mean you don’t have your own good ideas and it doesn’t mean you’re not smart or creative. Rather, it means you recognize there’s always room for improvement, and other people’s feedback can inspire you to build on your own ideas.

7. You’ll work hard and (hopefully) enjoy it

Art classes aren’t easy. They’re definitely a time commitment. However, I personally enjoy dedicating time to my art class. If you take an art class, you’ll spend a lot of time looking at frustrating details, regretting small creative decisions and sorting through an endless amount of visuals for inspiration. But you’ll also learn something and grow."


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