18" x 24" (7/8" profile) oil on canvas



  • Paper Type: Value Poster Paper (Matte)
  • 45 lb., 7.5 point thick poster paper
  • Matte finish with a smooth surface
  • Economical option that delivers sharp, clean images with stunning color and vibrancy


The meaning behind the painting.

As we go through different times in our lives, we experience different needs and desires. When we try to find a solution to a problem, we browse through as many possible ideas as we can to find that one that we think will work for us, and then use it as a goal that we follow. In the ‘New King, New Rules’ painting, the goal is the golden king. This figure can have a different meaning for each of us, depending on our situations. For a single mother whose previous relationship shattered just like the blue and white square pieces of the chess board, that king might represent a new romantic relationship-- someone so ideal in her eyes that the rest will seem to pass by unnoticed. For others of us who might be satisfied with our lives but looking for a new challenge, the king represents a gatekeeper that will take us on a new journey and will help us rise up a level. Or maybe we are struggling to find a solution to a problem and the king, coming out of that striped endless tube, is like a shining light at the end of a tunnel that we all know and talk about.

The cool blue and warm yellowish-orange stripes of the tube represent our emotions and how we experience life. Blue is when we are sad, feeling hopeless, depressed, worried, stressed, or any other negative emotion that we might feel during that time. Then, we find a solution to whatever problem we might have and then we feel happy, excited, relieved, which is shown by a warm and playful full of energy orange color. Soon enough we face another issue, and the cycle goes on. It could be related to your work or your family. It is an endless rollercoaster of emotions that makes us human, and there is always hope for a better life, that shining light at the end of that tunnel.


The red ladder at the top right side of the painting, which is also a DNA sequence, can be read in different
ways as well. Going back to a single mother’s example, that strain can illustrate a relationship that started at the top, neat looking and perfect, but like for so many of us, it fell to the bottom with a big split towards the end. It might also represent a family and kids, when our DNA is split and shared with our partner’s DNA to create a new human being. Starting from the bottom with a split and going to the top to build a new life with a steady solid structure. Another brown DNA sequence that runs from the bottom left side of the painting towards the right bottom side behind a slide can represent someone who is close to us such as family members, or close friends, who are always there when we need them as we hit the rock bottom and who will remind us that it is time to rise back up and start breathing in a new way.

The chess board is our platform. Some of us lose touch with reality and get lost in the clouds of daydreaming. We are still present, we see parts of that platform around us, we are still partially connected, but those of us who are the dreamers, we see things in a different light, as we live in a ‘different reality’. 

The painting is horizontally divided into two parts with the bottom surrounded with a muddy brownish cloud-like texture, that represents the chaos in our lives, and the top with light clouds that create a sense of freedom, hope, and goodness that all of us desperately need.


No matter who we are or where we are in our lives, this piece can speak to us in our own language and have a unique meaning to every viewer.

New King, New Rules

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