"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"

~Claude Debussy~


Hello and welcome to AyzARTia, a land full of art and healthy habbits,  where knowledge meets imagination and fun.

About AyzARTia

AyzARTia! is a business that specializes in services such as art classes, dance and fitness classes, and private lessons for all ages online or in-person. Additional services include custom art, custom made apparel, book illustrations, marketing material, souvenirs, and more. 

About Me

I am Ayza-Andriana Churina, a professional visual and performing artist, who created AyzARTia! to teach the arts in a fun and relaxed way while still being on a technical side of it. My teaching career began 15 years ago working with kids and adults of all ages. Now, I don't teach just in person but also offering online classes and one-on-one lessons. 


There are many benefits that one can experience by studying the arts,

and I post this information  in my