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"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"

~Claude Debussy~


Hello and welcome to AyzARTia, a land full of art and healthy habits,  where knowledge meets imagination and fun.

About AyzARTia

AyzARTia is a company that focuses on your overall well being and keeps a perfect balance between your mind, body, and spirit. Due to continuation of COVID-19, we have fully transitioned to online classes to ensure everyone's safety and comfort level. We offer variety of art classes and private lessons for all ages online. Please contact us for additional services that include custom art, custom made apparel, book illustrations, marketing material, souvenirs, and more. 

Meet Ayza Ayzartia CEO and Founder

Ayza Andriana is a professional visual and performing artist, as well as a licensed Zumba instructor, who created AyzARTia to help people live a well balanced life by implementing art to their busy lives. Her teaching career began 20 years ago working with kids and adults of all ages, and now she wants to continue to share her passion with the world.

To learn more about art and fitness benefits, please visit our blog.

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