Ayza Andriana
Licensed Zumba instructor & Art instructor

Ayza is a licensed Zumba instructor and classically trained artist and designer. Her teaching career began in 2001 when she was teaching music to the kids, after completing her 9 years of classical music training at the Sergei Rachmaninoff Music Liceum  in Kishinev, Moldova. In 2005, while studying art, dance, and theater in college, and working towards her Bachelor degree, she began teaching art classes. Ayza has been working in private schools teaching art and dance since 2013.

Although she was mainly focused on art, her love for music didn't just stop. It transitioned from music composing and performing to dancing. After experiencing the real health benefits and body transformation through dance, she obtained her Zumba teaching license in December 2019 and was teaching it at LA Fitness and Chicago Russian school in Chicago, IL until the pandemic. 

Now, Ayza has transitioned to online teaching sharing her passion and knowledge with the world.