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Tatjana Glogovac
Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Tatjana Glogovac has been studying yoga for 9 years and teaching it for over 3 years. She is a certified teacher of Hatha Yoga and Meditation (AYM, Rishikesh, India), teacher with 3 university degrees in humanistic sciences in teaching, and writer and educator in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, learning and self-development. Her classes are accessible to everyone regardless of their physical fitness, age or spiritual beliefs. Her goal is to make yoga a practical daily tool for everyone looking to find some peace of mind and a healthy physical practice for their bodies. This especially goes for people struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, excessive worrying, overthinking, and other ailments of the modern man. We work with meditation, breathing techniques and physical exercises (asanas) to help you find your quiet place, a place inside you where you can feel safe, relaxed and okay with yourself. Everything is possible with the help of a friendly and dedicated teacher by your side.

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