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This is no ordinary Paint & Sip class. This is a true ONLINE PAINTING PARTY! Yes, you get to be an artist at your OWN HOME "studio". All you have to do is get your supplies ready for each session and just follow step-by-step instructions, as you sip your favorite beverage and socialize with others without worrying about social distance or travel. How COOL is that? Come join us today and LET'S PARTY!

  • Acrylic Paint 

  • Canvases 

  • Brushes

  • Table-Top Easels (optional)

  • Instructional Easel (optional)

  • Table Cloths (optional)

  • Water Containers

  • Paper Towels

  • Palettes or Paper Plates 

  • Aprons 

  • Hair dryer (for quicker drying between steps)

(please scroll down for links and suggestions)

 Please pick only 1 option from each category

  • Acrylic Paint 


Note: 2 oz is a great size to start with. Might need extra white, depending on the project.) 

             - Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint - Set of 18 (recommended)


             - Primary Colors, white, and black


             - Acrylic Paint Set - 24 Pack


             - Artecho Acrylic Paint Set -18 Pack  

  • Canvases (recommended size 8x10 or larger)

             - Canvas board set of 3 (recommended)


             - Canvas board set of 6 (optional)


             - Stretched Canvas


             - Stretched Canvas (set of 2) (recommended)

             - Mont Marte Art Paint Brushes (recommended)

             - Acrylic Paint Brushes - variety set 

           - 16 inch Tabletop Easel (economical version)


              Tabletop Easel Art Easel (our favorite)

  • Instructional Easel (optional and can be used instead of the table-top easel)

              - Adjustable Artist Easel (our favorite!!!)


              - Adjustable Aluminum Artist Easel



  • Palettes or Paper Plates 


           - Disposable Palette Sheets  (recommended)


             Plastic Palette with Cover (economical version)


             Sta-Wet Palette (our favorite) AND Palette acrylic paper

  • Table Cloths (optional and any kind would do to protect the work surface) 

  • Water Containers (any plastic cup or glass jar)

  • Paper Towels or Cloth Rags

  • Hair dryer (optional and used for quicker drying between steps)

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