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If you think art is just "art and craft" when it comes to kids, or even adults, think again and read this article on how art can be used as therapy. 

"Child Art Therapy: How It Works

It takes more than coloring for reparation to happen.

In “Child’s Play: How Play Therapy...

Acting is so much more than just memorizing lines and avoiding bumping into furniture. It can change your personality, make you more confident, teach you social skills and much more. 

One of the reasons I took my first ever acting class a long time ago is to overcome my...

After working with realism for about 14 years, I started to experiment with surrealism. It all started about 4 years ago when I was playing with zentangle art as it was quickly turning into surrealism from regular pen, to color markers, and now to oil paintings. With r...

I've heard so many times phrases such as  "I am too old to dance", "I don't want my son to be dancing because it's not a "manly" thing to do", or "I don't have a good sense of rhythm"... Well, dance has NOTHING to do with these things! In fact, DANCE can actually impro...

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