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Who we are:

Here at Ayzartia we believe a human being is much more than just a physical body or brains. We believe in balance and helping others to live a better version of themselves. Ayza is a licensed educator who is passionate about health, wellness, and arts. She is heappy to help you reach your goals from relaxation using art to toning your body with Zumba and dance fitness. Come check out her classes to find what fits your needs. 


Why choose us?

AyzARTia offers only online classes and private sessions. While so many businesses offer in-person classes, we believe online classes are better and safer for you.

No mask required
No Vaccine required
No traffic jams
No "foreign" germs like at the public gym
Full privacy (even if in a group setting)
Be anywhere in the world and still enjoy your favorite classes
We have licensed, certified and experienced instructors

The ONLY place that uses ART as a form of exercise (for your brain) and as a stress relief
Affordable prices

Check out our class options below to find the right fit for YOU!

Oil Painting Workshop


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